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MCSCET Departments : Information Technology
Computer Science Electronics & Communication Mechanical Engineering MBA Applied Science Information Technology

Computer programming lab is used to gain experience of Operating System (Windows, UNIX, Linux, Dos etc.) and the principles of good program design and programtesting of C,C++,JAVA etc languages, which further goes for development of softwares and later on being expert we can develop operating systems & future projects.

The lab consists of designing of module which was used by the compiler while compiling the program. These modules are designed in ‘C’ language & consist of different phases of compiler. Student will also work on automated parsing tool like LEX & YACC. After the lab completion the student will know how actually the compiler works & produce the output in different form.

This lab is used to provide a general introduction about methods used in display devices to draw graphics element (such as points, lines, circles etc) and also aboutvarious functions (like Rotation , Scaling , Translation etc). Computer Graphics Lab is a study of Practical methods to implement various algorithms used to draw graphics elements . It is a basic step in the direction of Game designing and Animation.

The objective of this lab is to introduce the student to technical aspects of developing web sites. In this lab we cover basic web technologies such as Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML), XML, Cascading Style Sheet (CSS), beginning server programming using servlet and JSP. In addition the course addresses design principles to assist student in designing their own website.

Computer Networking Lab is a practical approach to implementation of all the algorithms which provide communication between two or more computers. In this lab students perform all the applications which are related to networking. In this lab the networking programs are performed in C language, it contains data link layer framing, CRC algorithm, Hamming Code, LZW compression, Socket program for Listener and Talker, DES algorithm. All the students can perform and apply their knowledge on these programs which are beneficial for them in future projects which are related to Networking.

Database Management system is a collection of interrelated data & set of program to access those data. The primary purpose of the database lab is to conduct research on all aspects of database management. In database lab student learn how to design projects ranging from design of new user interfaces & query languages to low level query execution issues.

A distributed system is an application that executes a collection of protocols to coordinate the actions of multiple processes on a network, such that all components cooperate together to perform a single or small set of related tasks. Distributed System Lab is a study of Practical approaches used to Establish Client Server Architecture. In this lab student learns the implementation of various algorithms used in Client Server Architecture. Internet Lab Department has internet services to their students.

Each lab comprises 60 PC with Pentium IV latest configuration. These computers are connected to each other through LAN and these are supported by a strong Windows server with extended Memory 64 bit Technology Intel Xeon processor with 800 or higher MHz front side bus and hyper threading support.

Computer Science Electronics & Communication Mechanical Engineering MBA Applied Science Information Technology

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