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College Attendance



1. General Pharmacy
2. Pharmaceutical Analysis
3. Pharmaceutical Chemistry
4. Human Anatomy & Physiology Lab.
5. Pharmacology
6. Pharmacognosy
7. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
8. Pharmaceutics
9. Microbiology
10. Bio-Chemistry

These well designed and fully equipped modern labs built to facilitate students
in their course curriculum and to help them enhance practical knowledge.
The Labs of Pharmaceutics, Microbiology, Human Anatomy and
Pharmacognosy are common to M.B.B.S. All Labs have a separate preparatory
room to prepare lab chemical samples and solutions.


The college has designed a modern environmental lab to carry out research on
environmental studies. The lab is specially designed to fulfill all the necessary
requirements and equipped with highly sophisticated machines like HPLC,
GLC, AAS, etc.

The Environmental Research Lab is a DSIR [Department of Scientific & Industrial Research] approved lab which is also approved for pharmaceuticals certification by drug controller.

The Environmental Research Lab has been involved in quality assurance of
most of the pharmaceutical firms located in the region. The goodwill created by
the Environmental Research Lab in the last 26 years will help in the placements
of our college students.ERL has executed more than 36 projects and is widely funded by national and international agencies. It is also equipped to conduct Arsenic testing and is involved in water quality monitoring.


A fully air-conditioned computer lab is equipped with 150 latest computers
connected to a high speed server with 24 hours internet connectivity at 1 Mbps.
All computers are branded HCL computers with 16 inch TFT. The computer centre
has been recognized by HCL and is tagged as “HCL Computers Centre.” Large
number of user friendly software is loaded on fully networked systems.


Physics & Optical Laboratory —This lab consists of different components related to various practicals as per current UPTU requisites and norms. An ample knowledge is imparted when practical skills convert into theoretical approaches.
MCSCOP is a modern institution established by the Society for the Advancement of Environmental Sciences of India, which has been Approved by Pharmacy Council of India & recognized by AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) and has been affiliated to UPTU (Uttar Pradesh Technical University), Lucknow w.e.f. academic session 2007-08 onwards. The institution has very advance technical tools such as HPCL, GLC, and AAS etc. required in advance training in B.Pharma and M.Pharma.

The college has a dispensary running in the premises itself to provide proper medical facilities to not only students but staff & faculty members, workers and even the residents of the local area. The dispensary has a charitable nature which is opened in the memory of Late Dr. Ram Ratan Sinha.

It provides medical facilities free of cost to all. The dispensary is fully - equipped to meet all sorts of emergency and provides first aid that includes suturing & blood test. Apart from this, the dispensary has doctors available on call throughout the week.

That includes Dr. Namrata Saxena, an Ex Sir Ganga Ram (SR), Dr. R.C. Saxena, a renowned Ex HOD from KGMC, Dr. Rashmi Verma, a gynecologist, Dr. Abhay Verma, a paediatrition.


Animal house is an integral part of pharmacy college as animals are used both for the evaluation of efficacy as well as for the toxicity of the drugs.

Animal house to ensure humane care to the animal and their use, necessary for the pursuit and achievement of scientific excellence and is build and maintained strictly in accordance to the
CPCSEA guidelines. Different species and strains are kept separately in animal rooms maintained under standard room temperature of 22° to 25°c, 50.5% relative humility, 12:12 house light to dark cycle with 100% fresh air circulation and uninterrupted power and water supply.

Animal house facility is looked after by a full time
well qualified veterinary officer led by a team of technical assistants and animal care takers well
experienced and trained in animal care, breeding and husbandry.

Plants have served humankind as sources of medicinal agents since early beginnings. Infact natural products once served as the source of all drugs. In modern world where manifold advancement has taken place in every field of science and technology and synthetic products are emerging at its pace, people are coming close to nature and natural products derived from the herbs and shrubs and trees of great medicinal value.

Despite the advances in the modern world the importance of searching drugs from biodiversity especially for the refractory diseases still continues,
more so due to increasing incidence of adverse drug reaction with modern synthetic drugs.

Thus the pharmacy students are imparted with the
knowledge of pharmacy in the subject of Pharmacognosy to deliver cost effective pharmaceutical care. Keeping this objective in mind, the college of pharmacy has a well maintained herbal garden that has plants of medicinal value to ensure that the students acquire full knowledge through the practical as per the AICTE norms.

MCSCOP is approved by PCI (Pharmacy Council of India)

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