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MCSCET Departments : Mechanical Engineering
Computer Science Electronics & Communication Mechanical Engineering MBA Applied Science Information Technology


"The winner is the chef who takes the same ingredients as everyone else
and produces the best results."

The Engineering Mechanics Laboratory is a subject which will help technician to understand the application of theory that he has studied in practice by performing experiments and verifying results. Besides, the objective of the curriculum with effective skill will be developed in them to observe experimental data and to analyse the results. In this lab we provide knowledge to 1st Year students about the UTM Machine, Impact Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, truss structure, flywheel for measuring moment of inertia & dealing with Torsion Testing machine.

Our Mechanical engineers can create a new kind of civilization, based on technology, where art, beauty and finer things of life are accepted as everyone’s due. Engineers, whatever be their line of activity, must be proficient with all aspects of manufacturing. However, it should not be forgotten that practice without theory is blind and the theory without practice is lame. A person involved in acquiring manufacturing skills must have balanced knowledge of theory as well as practice. In our workshop we carry all the shops namely carpentry shop, smithy shop, machine shop, sheet metal shop, fitting shop, welding shop.

Fluids are key element of study for many engineering disciplines. Our fluids equipment supports different disciplines . Visual appreciation of the principles of fluid mechanics is the objective of our designs combined with instrumentation which allows a full range of experimental work to be completed. Our laboratory includes a number of workstations for teaching different principles like surface tension, reynold’s number, orifices, notches, metacentric height, electrical analogy. In the Machinery section we have big Pelton Turbine, Reciprocating & Centrifugal Pump apparatus.

The Thermodynamics Laboratory houses several equipments for educational applications. There are Air- Conditioning units, a desktop Power Plant, which consists of various boilers like Locomotive, Babcock& Wilcox, Lancashire Boiler, a steam engine, a generator, and a cooling tower is used for undergraduate classes. The students gain valuable insight into the thermodynamics of steam power cycles by experimenting with such systems. In Air Conditioning section, we have separate working test Rigs of Air-conditioning & Refrigeration on which student can verify the actual COP of system with experimental COP. We also have big cut section of air conditioning unit, Expansion Devices, Big Air washer units which helps the students .

Dynamics of machine is dedicated to correcting vibration problems on machines and structures and it also involves learning of Governor, Gyroscope, Cams, and this is being learnt through various experiments which our students learn through working models of Watt Governor, Porter Governor, Hartnell Governor, Cam, Gyroscope, Static & Dynamic Balancing Apparatus installed in our Dom Lab.

This lab has wide range of automobile models and demo parts and it helps in study and testing of various engines, carburetors, fuel injection system, brakes, clutches and outer and inner designing of an automobiles.

Computer Science Electronics & Communication Mechanical Engineering MBA Applied Science Information Technology

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