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Dr. M.C. Saxena Group of Colleges has been providing the quintessential engineering and technology platform since 2004, imparting professional and technical skills as per the industry standards to enhance career opportunities across fields. The college was established and is run by Dr. M.C. Saxena, an eminent scientist with distinguished scientific dispensations. For the last 14 years, the institute has dedicated itself to providing world-class Professional & Technical Education.

Since 2004, more institutions were added and the facilities were upgraded to ensure that MCSGOC emerges as a leading education provider in the state with 5 professional institutions of Medicine, Pharmacy, Engineering, Education and Management spread over 30+ acres of lush green campus. The group is home to 5000+ students pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate programs in diverse subjects. We have a strong alumni network of around 4000 + members, scattered around the globe.


Dr. Sunil Kumar Rawat
(Ph.D. M.Tech, B.Tech)

"We have achieve goals of education to explore our talent and wisdom." ~ said by Swami Vivekanand

Education is not meant just to empower us in terms of knowledge and skills; it gives us so much more. At gpk, we believe that becoming a bookworm is not education; it is more important to put into practice at least a fraction of what you have learnt. Education is tool through you can change the world being technically educated. We should able to change the struggled life.

तकनीक का प्रयोग करके हमें लोगों के जीवन को सरल बनाना है|


Dr. Manisha Shekhar

Today's youths have a profound role to play in the building of a nation, a society and the entire ecosystem. At MCSCET, we foster thought leadership and lead change to empower today's generation to ensure responsibility, to take charge and act rightly and effectively. "Excellence and Values" are our guiding principles which are reflected in every activity of the Institution.
We at MCSCET believe that excellence in education is achieved when it is student oriented and delivered with scientific and creative teaching approaches by skilled professors who love their subjects and their students.
We are delighted to see the progress we have achieved since our inception. This has been possible through the consistency and commitment of MCSCET towards providing quality education at an affordable price and a flexible learning approach.
I invite you to make MCSCET the first destination of your career journey. I am proud of what we have achieved and I believe you will be proud of what you could achieve studying with us.


Computer Science Engineering

The Computer Science Department is self driven proactive nerve center which caters to the ever growing technology in the sphere of academic, research and training. Computer Science is the study of principle, applications and technology of computer.


Electrical Engineering

Electrical is a deeply committed function with a single purpose of orienting the ardent students to the challenges of the Industry, since its inception. The field of Instrumentation has undergone rapid changes in recent times with the advent of real time application in the era of Electronic Technology.


Civil Engineering (CE)

Owing to tremendous growth in the Infrastructure sector in India and abroad, the demand of Civil Engineers has been on rise. To fulfill the growing demand and to cater the engineering needs of the nation, @MCSCET offers B.Tech degree course in Civil Engineering which is a four year engineering degree programme under UP Technical University.


Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering Department is one of the key strength of the Institute. Its faculty and the facilities provide all resources to keep the students updated with latest industrial trends.The teaching and research program in the department are organized according to both disciplinary and inter disciplinary themes covering all the core disciplinary areas of Mechanical Engineering.

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